True Voice

Master Your Voice,
Own The Stage

Inconsistent vocal technique? Doubting your technique, leading to unreliable performances and frustration.

Lack of confidence on stage? Experiencing anxiety before and during performances, feeling unsure about your stage presence and audience engagement.

Emotional disconnect with songs? Difficulty conveying the emotional content of songs and connecting with your audience.

Unclear artistic identity? Struggling to define your unique artist brand and identity, and lacking effective marketing strategies.

Lacking professional recordings and performance opportunities? No high-quality recordings to showcase your talent and limited chances to perform live and gain real-world experience.

Is this you?

Picture yourself finding and falling in love with your voice, letting it lead you to give your most authentic and powerful performances, mastering your technique, performing fearlessly, and sharing your music with the world. 

Maybe you’re feeling haunted by the fear of stagnation, unsure how to elevate your skills and bring your superstar singer self to center stage.

Imagine feeling confident, driven, and unstoppable as a singer.

There's a better way.
You can experience...

You engage profoundly with your audience, infusing each performance with heartfelt emotion. Your storytelling strikes a chord, creating unforgettable moments.


You thrive with structure and support. You practice regularly with the help of clear action steps and you make your goals a priority.


You know exactly where to place your voice and how it should feel to achieve your desired sound. You know how to access that space in an instant.
No more guessing and hoping.




You don't have to settle for the status quo. You deserve to build a business—and a life—that reflects your deepest desires and ambitions.

It's time to unleash your full potential and embark on a journey of growth and transformation. If you're ready to take the next step towards a brighter future, you're in the right place.

I'm Alarke, creator of True Voice and a passionate advocate for helping creatives like you achieve their goals. With a proven track record of empowering musicians to unlock their true potential, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Let's make your dreams a reality together.


Artists will create a professionally recorded performance video featuring three contrasting songs. 

This video will serve as a polished showcase of your vocal versatility and artistry, providing a valuable tool for booking professional gigs, crafting a showreel, submitting for auditions, and shining on social media. It’s your proof of greatness.

Press Kit Video

Artists will participate in a live performance event, showcasing your vocal development and performance skills in front of an audience.

This experience will help build confidence, stage presence, and the ability to connect with listeners.

Live Performance

Artists will develop and refine 3 performance-ready songs, showcasing their range and versatility. 

The program also helps you cultivate and define your unique brand, ensuring these songs align with your artistic identity and enhance your marketability.

Repertoire & Brand Development

Unlock your true vocal potential with the True Voice, a comprehensive 3-month 1:1 advanced singing program designed to elevate your singing abilities and prepare you for professional success.

Curriculum and materials are structured so that you walk away with:




Best new artist, Grand Prize, 1st Place, finalist placements and honorable mentions in the USA Songwriting Competition, 2019 Song of the Year Song & Lyric Writing Competition, and 2019 International Songwriting Competition!"

- Lee A.


who is focused on the individual needs and goals of her students. She's diligent about using creative techniques to bring out the best in my voice. Through the time we worked together I competed in the Apollo Theater's Making A Star Competition and I won!"

- Anastia Léyon


When I went to Alarke, I was completely lost and confused.
I didn’t know how to make myself into the artist that I wanted to be. I'm now able
to create the sound and vibe that I want. Alarke will help you in a way that is invaluable. She is worth every penny."

- Cleo 

"change your life. invest in yourself.

  • Developing Your Artistic Vision
  • Creative Development
  • Artistic Branding
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Practice Routines
  • Vocal Self-Care
  • Vocal Health
  • Planning & Filming a Performance Video
  • Developing a Press Kit


  • Breath Support
  • Breath Management
  • Vocal Warm-Ups
  • Chest Voice
  • Mixed Voice
  • Head Voice
  • The Break/Passaggio
  • Onsets & Releases
  • Phonation
  • Resonance
  • Weight & Articulation
  • Vowels & Consonants
  • High Notes
  • Register Flips
  • Belting Techniques
  • Vocal Ornaments
  • Scooping & Sliding
  • Anticipation
  • Vocal Flexibility
  • Articulatory Precision
  • Timing
  • Interpretive Choices
  • Ear Training
  • Sight Singing
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Alexander Technique




  • Song Interpretation
  • Repertoire Development
  • Style Analysis
  • Musicality
  • Vocal Stamina
  • Improvisation Skills
  • Envisioning Your Performance
  • Microphone Technique
  • Dynamic Control
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Stage Banter
  • Audience Engagement
  • Live Performance Preparation
  • Acoustic Awareness
  • Mindfulness & Focus
  • Rehearsal Techniques
  • Stage Movement
  • Vocal Projection
  • Performance Logistics
  • Onstage Communication


"The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. Weekly readings and exercises from the book are integrated into the program as a companion course to enhance creativity and artistic development. The price for the book is not included in the program fee.


Vocal Technique Refinement: Advanced breathing techniques, vocal placement, resonance, articulation, and diction.

Advanced Vocal Exercises: Customized warm-up and cool-down routines, range expansion, vocal agility, and control.


Artists will create a professionally recorded performance video featuring three contrasting songs. 

This video will serve as a polished showcase of your vocal versatility and artistry, providing a valuable tool for booking professional gigs, crafting a showreel, submitting for auditions, and shining on social media. It’s your proof of greatness.

The fee for filming and producing the video is not included in the price of the program.


One live performance event to showcase development and gain practical experience.


Develop your voice with expert coaching over 12 weekly 55-minute 1:1 Zoom sessions, tailored to your needs and goals, providing individualized instruction, constructive feedback, and support to refine your vocal technique, performance aptitude, and grow your potential.




Expressive Interpretation: Emotional connection, phrasing and dynamics, vocal styling, and improvisation.

Stage Presence and Body Language: Techniques for confident stage presence, body language, overcoming stage fright, and audience connection.

Song Interpretation and Storytelling: Analyzing lyrics, conveying the story, personalizing, and interpreting songs.

Performance Psychology and Vocal Health: Managing performance anxiety, vocal health tips, and strategies for consistency.


Develop three contrasting performance-ready songs to showcase versatility.


Pre-Program Goal Setting: Assignments to clarify objectives and prepare for the program.

Weekly Deliverables: Syllabus with weekly deliverables for accountability, including singing assignments targeting specific techniques and applying them to songs from the artist's repertoire.

Notion Practice Log: Keep track of your practice sessions and improvements with the SupremeSound.Life Notion practice log.


Discover the importance of choosing the right style and songs, embrace your vocal identity, identify your true competition, and unravel the #1 cause of FOMO as singers.

Uncover key details to find clarity, confidence, and vision for your singing dream. Reflect on your singing journey by defining the next level for your voice and setting goals for the next 90 days. Understand the motivation behind these goals and explore what you love about your voice and personality, identifying your strengths as a singer.

Visualize obstacles hindering your singing dreams and pinpoint your biggest technical challenges. Determine the genres that best suit your voice, identify singers you resonate with, and list your top 3 favorite cover songs. Finally, craft your vocal profile on to encapsulate your unique voice and musical identity.


Clarify your core values, establish your unique voice as an artist, and create a cohesive brand that resonates with your audience. Through guided exercises and insightful prompts, you'll develop a strong, authentic brand foundation that sets you apart in the music industry.


In-depth video lessons, each 5-20 minutes. Dive deep into engaging instructional videos, from foundational exercises to advanced performance techniques.


Detailed workbooks to guide your practice and progress containing warm-ups, exercises, resources, practice plans, and weekly assignments. A treasure trove of resources including goal-setting, tribe identification, repertoire development, artist development, crafting your A-list calendar, developing your practice log, and a wealth of insider insights. 

Explore your favorite singers' styles, uncover your own unique style, and expand your vocal palette and artistry. Develop your emotional connection in your delivery through technical and artistic tools. Hone the art of improvisation. 

Master your stage banter, audience connection, mic technique, sound check preparation, set list refinement, performance visualization, goal reviewing, and practice routines.


Access a suite of trainings in singing, songwriting, music production, music business, marketing, sync licensing, networking, time management for artists, mindset, and more.


Expand your range, protect your voice, and build confidence.

Whether you’re at home, warming up before a performance, or in the studio, use these 8 downloadable MP3s that are perfect for daily vocal training.


Reflect on your artistic journey, set meaningful goals, and overcome obstacles. Gain deeper insights into your artistry, refine your vision, and stay motivated.


These carefully crafted sessions are designed to help you relax, focus, and connect with your inner creativity. By incorporating mindfulness and visualization techniques, these meditations will aid in reducing performance anxiety, boosting confidence, and fostering a deeper emotional connection to your music. Transform your mindset and elevate your artistry with these powerful meditative practices.


Create a professionally recorded video featuring you performing three contrasting songs. This polished showcase of your vocal versatility and artistry will be a valuable tool for your press kit, booking gigs, auditions, social media promotion, collaborations, and more.



Gain confidence and real-world experience by performing live in an open mic or other performance opportunity. Apply what you've learned and receive immediate feedback.



 Walk away with two key performance projects.
These deliverables provide valuable experience and demonstrate your artistry to create future opportunities.


Archived recorded workshop on how to:

1. Develop breath support and vocal placement throughout your registers, vibrato, riffs & runs, stylistic phrasing ornaments, intonation, and high notes.

2. Hone you genre, micro-niche, and artist brand. 

3. Price and raise your rates at your gigs.



Archived recorded workshop on how to:

1. Master your technique with a combination of Speech Singing, Bel Canto, and Alexander Techniques along with understanding the science of singing.

2. Develop your unique style with intonation, riffs and runs, vibrato, and vocal ornaments.

3. Discover your vocal identity with combining your personality and cultural influences so that you build the most direct path to your success.



- Caroline C.

"This reinforced how much of a powerful strategy visualization can be coupled with great mentoring, perseverance, dedication, and a good support system."

- Gaayathri P.

“Mary helped me unleash a whole other level of power, control, and clarity in my voice in a matter of 90 minutes, which were as productive as they were fun.”

- Casey C.

“Looking back at the recordings it's really cool to see the progress I have made. Thanks to you I sound clear, in control of my voice and can easily reach the high notes.”

- Tessa F.

Are you a passionate artist, bursting with talent and ready to develop your unique voice and brand into something extraordinary?

Do you crave a clear roadmap to guide you through the twists and turns of building a successful singing career?

Do you dream of creating captivating performances that resonate deeply with your audience and leave them wanting more?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the technical aspects of singing, and yearn for expert guidance to refine your skills and ensure steady growth?

Are you longing for a mentor who truly gets your journey and can help propel you to greatness?

Are you ready to invest in yourself, bet on your dreams, and unleash your vocal power to captivate the world?

Do you refuse to settle for mediocrity, postponing your dreams for a distant "someday," when you can live a life of artistic fulfillment and success right now?

Let's dive into the juicy details and uncover if True Voice is your next game-changer:




True Voice is not suited for those who are just starting their singing journey and have little to no experience with vocal lessons or performances.



Intermediate and advanced singers: Artists with vocal lesson or performance experience.

Emerging and professional artists: Those refining their skills to elevate their performance.

Returning performers: Singers ready to return to the stage after a hiatus.







Hi! I'm Alarke, also known as Mary Alouette. 

As an artist, I'm honored to have performed at the Rainbow Room, the Kennedy Center, and Carnegie Hall, to name a few.

My music has brought me to perform, record, and collaborate internationally in electronic music, pop, opera, and Gypsy jazz with world-class musicians from New York City and Los Angeles to Canada, Cuba, France, England, Greece, Austria, and Italy.

Teaching others is a passion of mine. I love helping others break through barriers to create what they've only dreamed of and I can't wait to help you build traction while creating the life you dream of.










Will I get results?

There are many coaches who claim to be experts but who cannot deliver. There are also many artists who aren't skilled teachers, and many skilled teachers who aren't out there in the scene with their skin in the game. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but if you follow my coaching, you'll get results.

View my testimonials page see the results from some of the thousands of students I've taught over 15 years. See my about page to learn of my international professional experiences over 28 years.

What’s your refund policy?

I believe in the value and clarity of my offer, and you will be asked to agree that you intend to lean in. If you do the work offered, you will get results. There is no refund for the coaching package.

I have a question that's not addressed here!

Book a call or email our team at

How are the coaching sessions structured?

The program includes 12 weekly 55-minute 1:1 coaching sessions over Zoom. These sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals, providing personalized instruction, constructive feedback, and support. Artists are requested to warm up vocally before the session and to have access to a piano or keyboard during the session.

Can I participate if I have a busy schedule?

How are the recorded performance videos created?

Absolutely! The program is designed to be flexible and accommodating. You can schedule your coaching sessions at times that work best for you and access the online materials at your convenience.

You’ll receive guidance on how to plan, film, and produce a  professional performance video that showcases your talent.

Can I start True Voice at any time?

Enrollment opens periodically when studio spaces are available. Book a call to see if this program is a good fit.

What can I expect to achieve by the end of the program?

By the end of the program, you will have a strengthened vocal technique, a clear understanding of your unique artistic brand, and a professionally recorded performance video to showcase your talent. You'll also have the confidence to perform live and market yourself effectively.

What’s your refund policy?

I believe in the value and clarity of my offer, and you will be asked to agree that you intend to lean in. If you do the work offered, you will get results. There is no refund for the coaching package.

What kind of support will I receive outside of the coaching sessions?

You will have access to email support between sessions, allowing you to ask questions, seek clarification, and receive additional guidance as needed.

Will I get personalized song recommendations?

Yes, based on your vocal range and style, you'll receive song suggesions that suit you and help develop your repertoire.

Will I have access to the materials after the program ends?

Yes, you’ll retain access to the online resources even after completing True Voice.

Do I need any special equipment to participate?

You’ll need a reliable internet connection, a computer or tablet for Zoom sessions, and a piano or keyboard.

You will also need to purchase The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, the Pitch Perfect app, and the Streaks habit tracking app.

How do I access the program materials?

Once you enroll in the program, you will receive access to video lessons, workbooks, exercises, and additional resources through our online platform.

How does True Voice help with performance anxiety?

SupremeSound.Life provides guided meditations, practical exercises, and performance techniques to help you manage and overcome stage fright.

What genres does True Voice cover?

The program is genre-agnostic.  It covers a wide range of musical styles and helps you find the one that best suits your voice and personality.

Will I get a return on my investment?

Anyone in any industry who's committed to growth invests in themselves with experts. I'm confident that my resources and expertise will save you significant time and money in the long run.

What if I have to miss a coaching session?

If you need to miss a session, simply contact us to reschedule. We understand that life happens, and we’ll work with you to ensure you stay on track with your progress. You have 4 months to use your sessions.

Does True Voice help with songwriting and recording?

No. True Voice is centered around live performance. To develop your songwriting, ask about our program called Signature Sound. For recording, ask about our vocal recording and production program.


It’s given me inspiration and I’ve gotten so much more confidence for my musical journey and inspired me to reach out to collaborate with other people. I love it!”


Alarke is an incredible coach with a wealth of knowledge and excellent vocal tips and tricks that can be used immediately. She offers TONS of great information and support for her vocalists.


My technique has significantly improved under her expertise and I feel committed to continuing to push myself out of my comfort zone.


Alarke helped me unleash a whole other level of power, control, and clarity in my voice in a matter of 90 minutes, which were as productive as they were fun.



Alarke has all the best qualities- original songwriting, respectful nods to traditional sounds and effervescent stage presence.

Laura Escudé

Electronic Creatives

I've worked with Alarke in multiple instances through my Transmute programs and have found her to be a hard-working, talented and forward-thinking artist. She combines so many of her diverse experiences to create a compelling and unique package as a music coach. Her sincerity and character are also unparalleled in this industry. I highly recommend Alarke as someone who can really help you take your work to the next level.


USA Songwriting Competition - BEST NEW ARTIST,Grand Prize, 1st place, finalist placements and honorable mentions
2019 Song of the Year Song & Lyric Writing Competition, 2019 Song of the Year Song & Lyric Writing Competition, and 2019 International Songwriting Competition


It was so amazing how she was really in my corner. She really taught me how to self advocate. She's taught me how to get things done, how to get a handle on what to do. She's also taught me how to make a song a hit, which is awesome because then we can really get people grooving and even make some money. I'm just really thankful and really grateful to Alarke. 


I've never worked with a vocal coach before that was able to specifically give me all of that. It truly just changed the whole experience for me. I feel so much more confident in my singing after working with her. So I just want to say, thank you, Alarke. Going forward I know I have the tools I need to succeed. Before, it was, “I hope I can complete my album and release it one day.” Now, I know I will release my album and I'm so much more confident than I was before. I truly love working with you and I look forward to working with you again.


I met Alarke during a time when I was experiencing a major transition in my life. Music was something I had always wanted to pursue as an adult but never allowed myself the time... In just a few months with Alarke's help, I was singing confidently while playing the piano. The decision to begin lessons was a catalyst for many life-changing decisions in the months to follow. It truly had a snowball effect. I've experienced a shift in mindset and am learning to trust and listen to my intuition and my heart. I've gone from thinking about life in black and white, to a life full of vibrant possibilities.


Completely revolutionized the way I approach songwriting and inspired a lot of creativity in me.

 Ximena L.

My lessons with Alarke were full of personal growth for me. I overcame some limiting beliefs that I had about my singing and now I can really see an improvement in my technique, theoretical knowledge, and in the way I express my music.


In a few months I have gone from absolutely zilch experience in music, to preparing to sing in a NYC jazz club, reading sheet music, and being able to play intermediate piano pieces. My sessions with her are energizing and fun. I come out of each lesson feeling brighter 
and more confident
of my musical ability.


Alarke got me to loosen up and not take myself so seriously. It did wonders for my voice and confidence.


This was full of golden nuggets and beyond my expectations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As somebody with performance experience, I took weekly voice lessons with Alarke for both custom feedback on my unique style and for the general voice training that I'd never had. Each lesson was rigorous: no cakewalk, she expected me to steadily move forward and improve, which I did.

Looking back at the recordings it’s really cool to see the progress I’ve made. Thanks to you I sound clear, in control of my voice and can easily reach the high notes. Thank you for the great lessons!

I started training with Alarke about a year ago to get my voice back in shape. After my first lesson with her, I felt so happy and inspired. Her positive and passionate energy is so powerful. I learned so much after only one lesson, and as we continue, my voice keeps getting stronger and my range is expanding. Recently, she coached me through a few pieces I had to prepare for an audition. She helped me stay disciplined and positive. With her help, I totally nailed it. I sincerely appreciate her enthusiasm and vibrant spirit along with her support and encouragement. Alarke's an all around unique, talented and genuine person that I'm lucky to have stumbled upon.


I went through 4 voice teachers here in NYC before settling on Alarke - been taking vocal training with her for about a year and half now and it's been worth every penny. Alarke is an excellent communicator, with a great sense for analogies and concrete descriptions for abstract concepts (esp. crucial for things like singing). She's a gifted vocalist, having been classically trained with an opera and jazz background, but more than that - she has the ability to enhance someone else's sense of style and natural voice. She is of course also an amazing human all around, with a great attitude, style, and general "lust for life." I highly recommend Alarke as a vocal coach.

Barry O.

I’m a singer songwriter who came to Alarke as I was working on an album and preparing to do some live gigs and it really made a big difference. I feel that Alarke really “got” my music and what I was trying to say. That was key for me – not to change was I was doing but to make it work better to communicate my material. I can truly say I use everything I got from Alarke in those sessions – good warm-ups, a more relaxed singing approach and a better connection between my vocal production and the words of my songs.



I am so thrilled to be studying with Alarke, as her musical ear, performance technique tips and visual cueing are simply superb. As a voice student who has had considerable instruction in the past, I have begun to address some of the performance and production questions that have lingered in my past for many years. Alarke truly excels at her ability to use visualization techniques to inform on where vocal placements are most effectively produced in the head to aid the studying singer to effectively render correct placement and utilize one's vocal space more effectively. She also excels at being able to hear slight differences in vocal energy and knowing when the support inside the body has relaxed a tad too much. Finally, I am learning techniques to modulate my sound and more effectively vary my vocal production and color. BRAVO ALARKE!


I really very much appreciate Alarke's lessons. She not only makes the most of where I am musically and with my busy schedule, she always finds a slice of exactly what I need, a piece of what's usefully available. There is something about her ability to hear what I am doing, maybe to even hear merely what I intend, and boiling it down to workable and usable elements. In that way Alarke just amazes with her gifts and talents and good nature. So if I don't thank and recognize her enough, let me do it now. Thanks!





Alarke has been an excellent voice coach! She is very supportive, patient and enjoyable to learn from. Not only has she taught me about the technical aspects of voice, but she has exceeded way beyond that. Alarke has helped me with singing and music in a more experiential way. She has provided me with her expertise on lyrical writing as well as performing. I continue to learn and understand my strengths and weaknesses vocally alongside Alarke and she is ready and willing to take on every challenge along the way. She has helped me gain the skills and confidence to use my own tools and start creating my own music! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in taking voice lessons!


I began taking lessons with Alarke after I heard her sing. Besides having a terrific voice I really love how effortless she makes singing look. She's been helping me connect the dots and I appreciate her method. She works with me to build my voice and doesn't push a style or direction. Her descriptions give me directions on what to think and how to feel when I sing. I look forward to the coming months!


An excellent experience. It's hard to describe the enjoyment and progress I enjoyed with Alarke. She is such a thoroughly engaged and skilled teacher. In my first lesson I felt like I improved exponentially, and every lesson thereafter has left me significantly improved. Aside from the improvement in quality, Alarke's teaching and personal style also gave me a massive boost in confidence - I had taken singing lessons more on a whim as something to try, but Alarke allowed me to see that I have a voice and can develop it. I am continuing lessons and hope to always improve. I really can't recommend Alarke's lessons enough - and she is a lovely person to know, very funny and creative with her teaching and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of music. What a great experience!”


I had a great time studying with Alarke. I always felt I had walked out of a lesson a step closer to my goals and put in the right direction. I found she had good knowledge of her tools and how to apply them to whatever it was that I was up against.

I wrote songs as a hobby when I was in my late teens and early 20s. I came back to it much later on with Alarke's help. The list goes on in terms of what she’s able to bring to the table with her mentorship and instruction. It’s been an incredible experience. Every day we’re learning something new, it’s relaxed, there’s a tremendous amount of support, it’s a very positive environment... Just listening to the songs come to life has just been absolutely inspirational.

Alarke is an incredibly gifted teacher who is focused on the individual needs and goals of her students. She was diligent about using creative techniques to bring out the best in my voice.
Through the time we worked together I competed in the Apollo Theatre’s Making a Star Competition and I won!

WINNER OF:Apollo Theater's 
Making A Star Competition

Anastia Léyon 

This is true artist development. I wish I had this five years ago. This is amazing. It's the music. It's the voice. It's lyric writing. It's thinking about melodies. It's changing your brain a little bit so you can see more of what's going on. It's you being able to see yourself outside of yourself. It’s marketing. It's all of these things.



I came to Alarke as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who wanted help with singing/vocals. A few things were apparent from the beginning: she is a creative, patient, yet demanding teacher with a razor-sharp ear and an endless bag of similes, metaphors, and visual and mental techniques to get across the point she's trying to explain (which is all aimed at coaxing the best out of you in each lesson). I've had many music teachers over the years, and it is rare to find one who combines vast knowledge of music theory and the fundamentals/techniques of their particular instrument with the ability to translate and teach all of this effectively. Alarke is exactly this type of teacher. I also appreciate that her passion and enthusiasm for music and creativity practically oozes out of her pores, and in the year+ that we've been working together she's challenged me to not only improve my vocals but develop my songwriting skills using Logic. I recommend Alarke without qualification to anyone from the casual singer/strummer to the advanced musician or studio geek who wants to up their game to the next level.

With True Voice, you're investing in yourself 
and your future success.

This could be the turning point you’ve been waiting for. Imagine performing onstage with confidence and loving your superstar within. You deserve this chance to grow and succeed.

Join True Voice and transform your creative passion into a thriving music career. Don’t let fear hold you back—embrace the change, adopt the methods, and see your vision come to life.


You'll continue to struggle every day and watch your dreams pass you by. You'll wonder why your efforts aren't creating results.

NOW is your moment to…

Find your true voice. Follow your dreams. Reach for the stars.